Employee of The Month

Employee(s) of The Month: November

medicalNovember  2018
Aleshia Jackson 
Maplewood, NJ

Aleshia went from testing 8 patients in September to 20 patients in October and 18 in November!  She continues to work hard to meet her goals.  She is dependable, dedicated, and a team player.  Aleshia is in constant communication with her manager, and her reports are always on time.  Way to go Aleshia, keep up the great work!  BioTek and Team Burke are lucky to have you.

Nice work Aleshia on putting forth the effort and showing us it can be done.  We appreciate all that you do!



Employee(s) of The Month: October

medicalOctober  2018
Nanette Billingsley 
East Ridge, TN


Nannette has worked with the staff in the clinic to increase the referrals to the allergy lab and exceeded her goal for the month of October. She reached the second tier. Nannette has a positive attitude and goes that extra mile to achieve more. Congratulations Nannette and thank you for having a positive attitude. Great job! Good work Nanette on putting forth the effort and showing us it can be done. Thank you for your hard work, loyalty, and dedication. We appreciate you!


Employee(s) of The Month: September

medicalSeptember  2018
Rachel Fulton
Amsterdam, NY

Rachel has demonstrated a great deal of commitment and dedication to her workplace, as well as being a team player!! She brings her team continuous laughs as well as support. Not only is she focused on attending her own workload, but she realizes that she is part of a team and helps her office whenever needed. She goes above and beyond to meet her goals and has great communication with not only her manager but her providers and office staff. Way to go, Rachel! BioTek and Team Burke is lucky to have you! Congratulations and thank you Rachel for all that you do. Keep up the great work you are doing!


Employee(s) of The Month: August

medicalAugust  2018
Alex Carrasquillo
Lilburn, GA
I am happy to announce to you our August Employee(s) of the Month:

Alex has a positive attitude and is always willing to lend a hand to do more.  When speaking with the group on making videos as an extra incentive, Alex was willing, and he did an outstanding job.  Alex worked in two different clinics and never complain about going the extra mile.  Thanks to you Alex for being that lab specialist who is always willing to do more than expected and remain positive.  You are appreciated, and we are thankful for all you do!


medicalAugust  2018
Jessica Smith
Hagerstown, MD
I am happy to announce to you our August Employee(s) of the Month:

Jessica transitioned into an existing lab earlier this year and has worked hard to make sure everything is up to date and made it her own.  She ensures that her lab is up to par and her reports are always on time.  She is in consist communication with her manager and offers to help when she can.  On top of all that, she is consistently seeking ways to receive more referrals, and tricks to convert.  She gives great suggestions on ways to improve the overall team.  Keep up the great work, Jess, BioTek is lucky to have you!



Employee(s) of The Month: May

medicalMay  2018
Carol Barger
Pleasant Grove, UT
I am happy to announce to you our May Employee of the Month:

Team Lewis—Carol Barger out of Pleasant Grove, UT-Dr. Corry. Carol's dealings and communications with her office staff have been outstanding. She works hard to foster good relations across all departments. Carol approaches her work with energy and enthusiasm. When she sees tasks that need to be done even when they are above and beyond the scope of her normal work duties, she does them without being asked. She does whatever is necessary to complete her work successfully. We appreciate the effort and commitment that she has put into the lab. Job well done!

Congratulations and thank you Carol for all you do in making BioTek successful!

Never mind what others are doing, do better for yourself.

Employee(s) of The Month: July

medicalJuly  2018
Maytte Martin
Miramar, FL
I am happy to announce to you our July Employee(s) of the Month:

Maytte is a seasoned veteran with BioTek who is reliable, devoted, and diligent. She has been with Dr. Bilasano for 2 years now and has a great relationship with the staff. Maytte continues to thrive at her lab by testing 4 to 6 patients per week with 100% conversion. Great job Maytte and keep up the excellent work. You are an asset to the BioTek family!


medicalJuly  2018
Alicia Cusmich
Knoxville, TN
I am happy to announce to you our June Employee(s) of the Month:

Alicia has covered multiple locations. She currently runs a lab that has continued to grow since opening and the referrals received are continuing to increase. Her conversion rate has been at 100% lately. Alicia is a team player and someone that can be relied upon. We would like to show Alicia we appreciate her hard work and dedication in growing this lab. Nice work on a job well done!.


medicalJuly  2018
Jury Montano
Woodhaven, NY
I am happy to announce to you our July Employee(s) of the Month:

Jury has been a team player since day one. She has an energetic go getter attitude towards everything she does. She has helped the New York side of BioTek in more ways than one, and she is always willing and ready to go wherever she is needed. When challenged, she always steps up and accomplishes the goal. For these and many more qualities, we are grateful to have you on our team!

Employee(s) of The Month: April

medicalApril  2018
Alex Carrasquillo

Lilburn, GA
Alex always reports to work on time, manages time effectively, and exhibits sound judgment in making decisions.  He supports an enthusiastic attitude towards colleagues, is courteous, well-mannered and polite.  He is an overall pleasure to work with and we truly enjoy having him part of the team.  Keep up the great work you do!


medicalApril 2018
Sarah Hancock

Alpine, UT
In the face of the bitter cold weather and winter storms, Sarah has been working diligently to get patients in for testing.  Her numbers for this month were very good.  Sarah has also made improvements on all of her logs, audits, and sending her reports in in a timely manner.  Great job on all of your hard work and determination!

Employee(s) of The Month: June

medicalJune  2018
Jennifer Smith
Mayfield, KY
I am happy to announce to you our June Employee(s) of the Month:

Jennifer has been a team player since day one. With her willing to help attitude, she is always helping her peers and management when her clinic is slow. She also participates in the extra incentive programs and tries to meet her goals. Thank you Jennifer for always being there and willing to help wherever is needed. She truly enjoys and takes pride in her work.


medicalJune  2018
Carrie Smith
Plattsburgh, NY
I am happy to announce to you our June Employee(s) of the Month:

Carrie has been with BioTek for over a year. In that time, she has increased her overall performance and conversion rates. Eminently Carrie puts out excellent work performance, her Box audit review for the month was an astonishing 100% completion rate across the board, and her lab is always in pristine order. For these and many more qualities, Carrie is selected for the month of June.


Employee(s) of The Month: March

medicalMARCH 2018
Alicia Cusmich

 Knoxville, TN
Alicia is currently working out of three locations, and has never hesitated when asked if she could assist in other labs.  When she goes to each of them, she never gives anything less than her best.  She is a team player and strives on working the program to the best of her abilities.  She works hard no matter what obstacles get in her way.  Alicia definitely deserves this recognition!


medicalMarch 2018
Catherine Fitzpatrick

 Hillsboro, OR
Catherine has not been with the BioTek Family long; however, she is doing an amazing job. Catherine is eager to learn all she can about testing and converting. She does not mind asking questions that some of us might not feel comfortable asking. Catherine has a good rapport with her office staff and patients. She tested more patients than everyone on our team for the month of March. Catherine keep up the good work!

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