Provide your patients with allergy treatment services.
We do the work, you supervise and get paid for your efforts.

Offer more

Provide your patients preventative allergy testing and treatment in your office and in their home.

Don’t hire
additional staff

Our “office-within-your-office” provides everything you need, even the staff. All you need to do is refer the patients. We take care of the rest!

Add an additional
revenue stream

With virtually no effort, you can have this additional revenue stream. Offer your patients better health at home with the very best in allergy testing.

Feeling rushed lately?

Every year, doctors are asked to do more work for less money. Between paperwork demands and reimbursement cuts, you’re forced to make the choice to either earn less or sacrifice time with your patients.

Time on your hands.

Biotek Labs understands the stress that this can cause within a practice. We’ve created a partnership system to provide revenue and free up your time.

You don’t have to settle.

Get the gold standard

We hire experienced medical technicians to work in your office. They provide the gold standard in allergy treatment for your patients.

Earn more

On average, those who have implemented Biotek labs in their office earn additional revenue each month.

Be protected

Rest assured, we protect you against insurance clawbacks for these services with our patented software.

Ready to take action?

A nationwide survey found that more than half (54.6%) of people in the US test positive to one or more allergens. They’re waiting for your help and it doesn’t have to cost you any extra time.

Are you eligible?

Find out by taking our office evaluation.
Cost: $200

Partner up

You’ll work with our team to nail down the details and implement the 120 sq. ft. lab in your office.

Earn more

Get ready for the extra revenue, referrals and testimonials to roll in!


"Helped provide better care to patients. One stop area for testing for patients who have transportation issues or anxiety of new places."

"Much less time spent trying to treat respiratory allergies, once diagnosed and treated the patients and their families refer other patients to us."

"Bridging the gap between patients I couldn't treat before that now I can treat all aspects of their health in one visit has been amazing. Not only on a provider level but patients are getting the most benefit out of it."