Dr. Carter

How long has your practice been using the BioTek Labs allergy program? 
1 1/2 years

How has having an in-house allergy program supported what you like most about practicing medicine? 
It has allowed me to take care of my patients at the initial point of care, get a plan in place and get the patient treated fast and adequately without needing to go through a referral (external) process.

What additional advantages does your allergy program enable you to provide your patients? 
It allows my patients to be educated on what allergies are and what different methods we can treat with. It allows patients to be supported in a manner where they feel we are actively trying to help treat them and it's convenient!

What strategies does your team use to ensure the appropriate patients are referred to the lab?
They talk to me - having MA and support staff who understand the program and requirements/protocols helps tremendously.

In what ways has your practice benefited and grown as a result of your allergy program? 
Bridging the gap between patients I couldn't treat before that now I can treat all aspects of their health in one visit has been amazing. Not only on a provider level but patients are getting the most benefit out of it. 

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