medicalDr. Schroyer

How long has your practice been using the BioTek Labs allergy program? 
Since February of 2017

How has having an in-house allergy program supported what you like most about practicing medicine? 
Allergy testing has given our patients the convenience of on-site testing which makes the overall pateint/doctor relationship much easier and convenient.

What additional advantages does your allergy program enable you to provide your patients? 
This allows us to give our patients on-site testing and results in minutes. It also helps treat our patients in a more time efficient and cost effective way versus the referral process.

What strategies does your team use to ensure the appropriate patients are referred to the lab?
As a team, we depend highly on the chart updates to screen and test our patients.

In what ways has your practice benefited and grown as a result of your allergy program? 
Allergy testing has allowed us to offer our patients another on-site test, in turn creates a "one stop shop" which creates more revenue and profit for the practice.

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