medicalDr. Hussain

How long has your practice been using the BioTek Labs allergy program? 
3 years

How has having an in-house allergy program supported what you like most about practicing medicine? 
The allergy lab has had a tremendous effect because I'm better able to treat my patients with allergy symptoms..

What additional advantages does your allergy program enable you to provide your patients? 
Having easy access to our allergy lab + having an allergy tech with knowledge of allergy testing and who is able to counsel the patients and their families.

What strategies does your team use to ensure the appropriate patients are referred to the lab?
Proper history taking of patients' symptoms and medication use as well as proper documentation.

In what ways has your practice benefited and grown as a result of your allergy program? 
Having an in-house allergy lab has created revenue and with our location, makes it easier for our patients to come in for assistance..

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