medicalDr. Morgan

How long has your practice been using the BioTek Labs allergy program? 
3 months

How has having an in-house allergy program supported what you like most about practicing medicine? 
Having a convenient option for patients who truly do not need to see an allergist.

What strategies does your team use to ensure the appropriate patients are referred to the lab?
Brochures + Postcards in The Room, Electronic Order in EMR ,allergy team "owns" all orders

What additional advantages does your allergy lab enable you to provide your patients?
Convenience, Lower Cost, Continuity of Care with Patient..

In what ways has your practice benefited and grown as a result of your allergy program? 
The ability to treat patients who either cannot commit to allergist in-office treatment or do not need to see an allergist for limited for limited environmental allergies.

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