Technician Spotlight: Carrie Smith

medicalCarrie Smith, Clinical Lab Specialist
Plattsburgh, NY

What is your role with BioTek?
I am a clinical lab specialist
What do you like most about working with BioTek?
-I like to see my pts improve their overall health and wellbeing while completing their therapy program.
What are your 3 goals each week?
1.To increase overall testing numbers
2. To improve my conversion rate.
3.To positively impact my pts lives

What has been your favorite patient success story?
-A few months ago I received a call from a women who works at one of our local pharmacies. She stated that she had requested to speak to me directly because she was seeing all the pts come in to get their supplies for immunotherapy & they were telling her what a wonderful experience they had at my lab. This woman stated that she has suffered with allergies for such a long time and wanted to know how she could be tested. I asked her if she had ever been seen in our office and she stated yes. To make a long story short the pt has now been on therapy for six months and has had amazing results. This is a great example of how word of mouth and positive pt experiences can drum up referrals and increase overall productivity.
What piece of advice would you give to other BioTek Allergy techs/locations?
-Always make your pts your first priority! Keep yourself organized, professional & outgoing. These are three of my keys for success!
What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?
-I love to coach and watch my three boys play sports!
What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
-I could not live without my family.
If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?
-I would love to meet Tom Brady! Our family is die hard New England Patriots fans!!!
What is something that only a few people know about you?
-I have been a cancer survivor since 2009.
If you could take a vacation anywhere, where would you go? 
What are some additional fun facts about you?
-I have been married to my wonderful husband for 12 years.
-I have three boys 13, 9 & 8.
-I have two dogs and two cats
-I love football, soccer & baseball.
-My favorite holiday is Christmas!