Technician Spotlight: Ketzie Muniz

medicalKetzie Muniz, 
 Tavares, FL

What is your role with BioTek? 
Medical Asst.

What do you like most about working with BioTek?
I am able to help patients directly with their daily living.

What are your 3 goals each week?
1. Test 5 patients
2. Communicate with the Dr and office
3. Audit charts to make sure they are compliant

What has been your favorite patient success story?
That they are able to no longer depend on Antihistamines and Steroids and that their symptoms have decreased significantly, having no sinus infections since completing treatment.

What piece of advice would you give to other BioTek Allergy techs/locations?
Explain in detail why they should do testing and treatment, and make sure it is in a language that they are able to understand. A patient who understands is more likely to be a compliant patient.

What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not at work?
Spend time with my family

What’s one thing you couldn’t live without? 
Technology (phone)

If you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?
Victor Manuelle, He is a Puerto Rican Salsa singer (my favorite), he is a humble person always helping his home town and community without wanting anything in return, showing a true humanitarian.

What is something that only a few people know about you? 
The struggles of life and how I was able to overcome them and become the successful person that I am today.

If you could take a vacation anywhere, where would you go?  
Hawaii, in some way it resembles my island of Puerto Rico and it is an island that I would love to explore.

What are some additional fun facts about you? 
I like to do Crossfit workout.