medicalDr. Nawab

How long has your practice been using the BioTek Labs allergy program? 
We began the program in March of 2016.

How has having an in-house allergy program supported what you like most about practicing medicine? 
Helped provide better care to patients. One stop area for testing of patients who have transportation issues or anxiety of new places.

What additional advantages does your allergy program enable you to provide your patients? 
Having an in-house service added for allergy testing and immunotherpay treatment has enabled us to provide patients an improved quality of life with their care all under one roof.

What strategies does your team use to ensure the appropriate patients are referred to the lab?
Chart update form (allergy screener). We have patients fill out screener every 3 months. Annual physicals and sick visits(ear aches, sinus infections, rashes, etc)

In what ways has your practice benefited and grown as a result of your allergy program? 
It has helped provide better care to our patients. 

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